CenCITT Facilities at MTU

In the Summer of 1998, Michigan Technological University's environmental engineering program relocated to the $44 million Dow Environmental Sciences and Engineering Building ($31 million building, $13 million in new equipment).  The new building, which houses Civil and Environmental Engineering, Biological Sciences, and Geological Engineering and Sciences, provides approximately 167,000 square feet of classrooms, research labs, undergraduate labs, and office space for faculty, staff, and graduate students.

As part of MTU's Initiative for the Environment which focuses on a multidisciplinary approach to education, research, and service, the new building has facilities that serve specific multidisciplinary objectives.  These facilities support activities such as: graduate education and research, undergraduate education, and faculty and visiting scholar research.

Also supported by the facilities in the new building is the research and development work of large multidisciplinary research teams, such as the National Center for Clean Industrial and Treatment Technologies (CenCITT), an EPA Center of Excellence headquartered at MTU.

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Dow Environmental Sciences
and Engineering Building

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